What Can Happen When Your Home Does Not Have Rain Gutters?

What Can Happen When Your Home Does Not Have Rain Gutters

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your house didn't have gutters? It is not a common doubt, since both apartment blocks and single-family homes are usually built taking into account the water pipes, but it is possible that, if you have had to reform your chalet, you have the question of whether you can eliminate them in favor of the aesthetics of the facade. What if they didn't exist? All About Gutters Inc experts will guide you about it.

The importance of storm channels

What is a gutter? These are pipes placed along the facade , whose function is to collect rainwater from the roof and channel it so that it does not affect the walls of the house, although it is usual for the gutter to drain into the surroundings of the house, sometimes it can have other functions, such as collecting rainwater in a tank , where it is stored for irrigation.

What if there are no gutters?

A priori, and in places where rainfall is scarce, there may not be too many problems, beyond a probable puddling of the ground around the house on rainy days.

House exterior

However, in places where it tends to rain and snow often or where the rainfall is torrential, the constant flooding of the soil without an appropriate drainage system ends up affecting its condition: in the case of gardens or dirt floors. , can cause a movement of the same, which even affects the pillars of the building . For its part, in the case of sidewalks and concrete floors, this can crack, also affecting the building and stability of the edifice.

Interior of the house

But if there is a place in the house that is affected by the lack of a gutter system, it is its façade: the constant flow of water through it without an appropriate collection system, ends up generating leaks, which in turn derive in leaks and humidity , both in floors and walls.

The importance of good maintenance

Once the rainwater drainage system is installed, it is essential to properly maintain it to ensure that it correctly serves its purpose: if the gutter is clogged with dirt or dry leaves, it will overflow, generating everything that we try to avoid: puddles, leaks and humidity. In addition, it is necessary for an installation company to carry out periodic reviews to rule out that the pipes have been damaged or sagging, correcting possible defects before they pose a major problem. For this, it is important to have a company of gutter experts capable of designing and placing the gutter system in the best way (taking into account diameters, slopes and other necessary calculations), who then take care of the revisions and maintenance of the drainage structure, so that it is always kept in optimal conditions.


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