Why Is It Necessary To Put A Rain Gutter System?

Why Is It Necessary To Put A Rain Gutter System

We all know that rainwater is essential for life on planet earth. But do you know why it is necessary to put a storm drain system? Do not worry because from All About Gutters Incs, we explain it to you.

We already know that rain is so important that it allows the earth to be refreshed, it waters the plants and trees, it favors the growth of crops and we must not waste it. However, we must know how to channel and guide that rain in any type of roof, since if it is not done it can cause serious problems in our homes.

Why does our home need a storm drain system?

In any type of home, it is absolutely necessary to install gutters to facilitate and guide rainwater properly so that it does not stagnate on the roof. These drainage systems prevent leaks in the facades and leaks in the roof and even a possible collapse. In addition, not only is a good roof sufficient, but you may need waterproofing, everything will depend on the weather conditions in the area.

Any channeling system must have the essential elements . It must have conduits, downspouts and collectors, all adapted to each type of home and according to its location. It is not the same as that found in the city or one that is in the mountains or rural surroundings.

4 reasons to install a rain gutter system

Reduces the risk of roof and façade damage.

As long as it drains properly, it prevents insects from having a constant flow of water.

Avoid any type of humidity or leakage by having a complete waterproof system.

You can reuse it for the garden or for domestic use.

The importance of a correct installation

It is recommended that the assembly of an evacuation system in a house be carried out by a team of professionals, although it may seem that putting 4 pipes around it is something easy. Because it is not only about choosing and placing the most appropriate system, it is because you should not forget that when working at height we must take the necessary safety measures to avoid accidents. The difficulty is in calculating the number of conduits and their location to avoid errors that in the long run can cause great damage.

In addition, fundamental aspects such as the climate, the architecture of the house, the square meters of the facade and roof and the design of the house must be taken into account.

Another important question is to choose the material of the channels to be placed. Currently there are several types to go according to the aesthetics of the house: you can choose between copper gutters , aluminum gutters or zinc gutters . Let them advise you and they will tell you which one is appropriate.

Perform ongoing maintenance

It is useless to put the best pipeline system if it is not properly maintained afterwards . Preferably it is recommended that it be carried out by the same professionals who installed it since they are perfectly familiar with the system that is mounted. It is recommended that it be at least twice a year.

After the leaves have fallen, it is a good time to do it since they are the ones that most obstruct the evacuation ducts and the rainy season will begin. The plugs in the channels can cause breakages or failures that can become irreparable and costly.


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